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Opes Advisors: Morgan Hill Mortgages

Purchasing a home is an exciting decision, and one of the biggest financial choices you’ll make in your life. An inevitable part of a home purchase is a mortgage – understanding how mortgages work and what your mortgage options are can be extremely complex without the professional assistance of a mortgage advisor. If you’re looking for a home in Morgan Hill, the professional team at Opes Advisors in Morgan Hill has the experience that you’re looking for.

Morgan Hill Mortgages Customized Mortgage Solutions

Customized Solutions

At Opes Advisors in Morgan Hill, Mike Gallagher and his team will work with you to provide you with a comprehensive analysis that incorporates your home purchase and your mortgage in the context of your overall financial picture.  We call this our Housing & Lifestyle Analysis, and is totally unique in the mortgage industry.   We perform this analysis with the use of our proprietary software, Opes Advantage.

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Years of Experience with Morgan Hill Mortgages

Experience You Can Trust

In addition to being a licensed Mortgage Loan Originator, Mike Gallagher has earned his Series 65 registration with the Securities & Exchange Commission, and is a Personal Finance Advisor .  Mike has been in the real estate and mortgage industry for 19 years and has held VP positions with top financial institutions including Bank of America, NorthMarq Capital, and his own company, Avantis Capital in Morgan Hill.

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Simple and Straight Forward Mortgage Solutions

Simple & Straightforward

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, move-up buyer, or investor, we have the loan programs you need, and the financial tools to help you feel confident in the decisions you’re making. By completing a thorough housing and lifestyle analysis, Mike Gallagher and his team can help you to make a decision that you’re confident in.

Any lender can pre-approve you, at Opes we are taking it much further.  We will show you on paper how your real estate and mortgage decisions will impact your financial health and net worth now and into your retirement years.

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Morgan HIll Mortgage Opes Advisors Software

Overall Housing & Lifestyle Analysis

That’s right!  Forecasting a client’s financial future is a complex process, particularly when you include real estate and mortgage decisions.  When the founders of Opes Advisors couldn’t find the right software for the job, we decided to develop our own. It is this software we call Opes Advantage that allows us to create a tailored, unique, and specific Housing & Lifestyle Analysis for each of our clients. In addition to your real estate and mortgage detail, we can evaluate how all aspects of your financial world– such as your retirement, liquidity, and net worth– will be affected by your decision to purchase a home or investment property.  We provide you with this detail BEFORE you make what may be the biggest financial decision of your life.

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Loan Programs offered by Morgan HIll Mortgages

A Wide Range of Loan Programs

Having access to every loan product available is critical.  One size does not fit all.  Many lenders limit their product offering to “vanilla” loan programs.  We realize that a tailored approach to financing real estate requires access to niche loan programs.

A few of the programs we have offer include:

  • Jumbo to $5M
  • Conforming Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac
  • FHA
  • USDA
  • Reverse Mortgages
  • Bridge Loans to allow Non-Contingent offers
  • 90% Financing to $3M
  • 1st/2nd Combination Loans

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Morgan HIll Mortgages Get Pre-Approved

More than a Pre-Approval…Peace of Mind..

Any lender can pre-approve you, but we take it a step further…

Using our proprietary financial software program we will help you see how you can buy the home you want, while also saving for college, vacations, retirement, etc.

The result is that you will have the confidence to know that you are not disrupting your financial needs and goals by purchasing a home or investment property.  It also gives you amazing confidence and comfort with the home buying process.  You no longer second guess your home buying decision or the purchase price because you’re seeing the end result over time, in black and white.

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Any mortgage company can pre-qualify you, or even pre-approve you for a home loan. At Opes Advisors we do things a little differently. Of course we will pre-approve you with access to the best loan programs in the marketplace, and the most competitive rates. But that is where we are just getting started. Our bigger mission, and purpose as a company, is to show you how your potential real estate purchase decision, or refinance, impacts your life in the context of your overall financial picture. How is this possible? We’ve developed a highly sophisticated software program that is proprietary to Opes Advisors and does just that. We call the program Opes Advantage.

Opes Advantage allows our clients to view, in an easy to read 3-page outline, how their real estate purchase decisions will impact monthly cash flow, overall liquidity, and total net worth…now and into the future well into retirement years. We do this with little more than what we typically request for a standard pre-approval. And there is no cost to use Opes Advantage! It comes standard with our service.

Most of our clients have dozens of variables that are impacting their decision making process:

  • What is the ideal downpayment amount for us?
  • How will this purchase impact my net worth and ability to retire on time?
  • Is it wise for us to buy income property, or leave the equity in the stock market?
  • How will this purchase impact our ability to send kids to private school?
  • Is it smarter financially to be buying a 2nd home, or just take really nice vacations?
  • Does it make sense to buy a place for our kid at college, or just pay rent?

There is no “what if” we cannot model with Opes Advantage. And the beauty is we are not giving you our “opinion” to your “what if” scenarios. We are showing you in black and white, based on your situation and our agreed upon assumptions, how the numbers play out over time. And we never charge for going through Opes Advantage! For us, it doesn’t matter if you’re thinking of buying this year, next year, or never again. We would love the opportunity to show you Opes Advantage. We know you will find the exercise incredibly valuable, and are convinced you will consider us your first pick for your mortgage needs as a result.

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